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Viva Las Buxton!

Viva Las Buxton!

Written by Netta Christie on November 19, 2017

My husband and I had A Very Buxton Wedding in August, and were lucky enough to have the Discover Buxton tram as a special guest!


We first met the tram when we came to Buxton for the first time before a job interview back in 2015. We’d never seen anything like it before, and absolutely loved having a proper introduction to Buxton – soundtracked, of course, by the tram’s ‘electric cow’ mooing! (You’ll have to take a ride to see what I mean!)

We chatted afterwards with Netta and our driver Michael, and I remember Michael telling me I’d definitely get the job if I wore the necklace I had on (something bright and garish!). I took that as a good omen – and I did get the job! Since then, the tram’s had a special place in our hearts, and it was our first thought when we were thinking about transport for the day – not that we’d even realised the tram was available for private hire!

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We love Buxton, and for us Buxton is the Pavilion Gardens, the tram…and the Billerettes! Bill and his troupe were as amazing and hilarious as ever, and had everyone in a festival mood. (If you don’t know the Billerettes, you’re in for a treat at the next Buxton carnival!) …Even The King himself was a fan! After he made us promise to never step on each other’s blue suede shoes, or to return to sender, Elvis sung us all out – to Viva las Buxton, of course!

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All photos are by the splendid Sassy at Assassynation.

Special thanks to our driver Nick for chatting to us all the way (and keeping me calm!) and for doing a swift 3-point turn in the Aldi entrance when we inevitably forgot the rings! Additional thanks go to Netta, the Pavilion Gardens staff, Elvis, Bill, and the Billerettes!

I’m now doing some work for Discover Buxton, so expect to hear more from me!



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