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A road well trodden

A road well trodden

Written by Netta Christie on September 05, 2017

The links between Buxton and the House of Cavendish go back over centuries.


When people come on one of our tours we tell them about those links and just how much the town of Buxton has benefited from their patronage.


Chatsworth is only 15 miles away from the town and over the years many noble men and women have travelled the road . One of the most famous was Mary Queen of Scots



The road would have been a rough track in the sixteenth century, used more by people on horseback and by teams of packhorses than by carriages. So Mary’s journey on this route is one of the first recorded in a is hard to imagine the effect her processing would have had on the local people. It would have taken her at least a day for her to make the journey surrounded by an entourage of at least 6o.

The first regular stagecoaches did not travel along this route for almost another two hundred years, by which time the road had been improved considerably. In the sixteenth century people travelled to Buxton on foot or on horseback and goods were carried by pack-horses.

The accommodation here in Buxton must have seemed crude in comparison to the grandeur of Chatsworth which was first built in 1552 by Bess & William Cavendish

It was rebuilt over many years 1617-1707 and now has the following

–175 rooms estimate more space than 365 average sized three bed roomed houses
–1.3 acres roof
–3,426 feet of passages
–17 Staircases
–56 lavatories
–359 doors
–Lit by 2,084 light bulbs

We offer guiding between Buxton and Chatsworth as part of our historic tours.
Please contact for more information .

Written by Netta Christie

Netta is the tram's conductor (and founder of Discover Buxton). She's passionate about Buxton; its fascinating past and the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of its independent businesses and local artists. She is the person who you will talk to if you want to book a tour or have any other requests.

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