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Cursed is he that disturbs one bone

Cursed is he that disturbs one bone

Written by Netta Christie on August 08, 2018

Can anybody help us with this grave matter?

On our tours of the town, we often visit the beautiful church of St Anne’s in Buxton. If time allows, we also visit the graveyard to see and hear the story of John Kane. His story is an interesting one as he was a famous actor and comedian of the day but it is the nature of his death which is particularly fascinating. The story goes that he mistakenly ate hemlock rather than horseradish on his beef sandwiches and died a painful death.

Whilst telling this tale the other day, one of our tour party told a story about another interesting grave in St Mary’s Church, Stockport.

The inscription reads:

In Memory of James Thorneley of Stockport,

died Oct 30th1823 aged One Thousand

One Hundred and Forty five Moons.

also Susan his wife who died July 22nd

1798 aged Seven hundred and

Thirty seven Moons.

James Thorneley and his Wife lies under this stone

And cursed is he that disturbs one bone.

Is this some sort of magic? Wizardry perhaps? The cursing of graves, however, is not uncommon.

And cursed is he that disturbs one bone.

Grave robbery was quite common and not just for what might have been buried with the body but also fear of body snatchers. Even Shakespeare put a curse on his grave:

But it is the measurement in moons on the Stockport grave that is most intriguing. Can anyone out there help solve the mystery?

Written by Sian-Elin Flint-Freel

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