An Idea is born

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Who knows what really made us decide on a tram and especially a tram created from a former milk float? What seemed to be the deciding factor was my (conductor speaking here) arthritis. I had already been offering walking tours of the town so that I could introduce others to the town I loved. I was passionate about the history of the town and the lack of information available to the tourist was in my opinion of concern. I was however beginning to struggle doing the tours because Buxton is a town of hills and I wanted to find something that would make the town accessible to all.

Our milkman had told us about the town of Polperro in Cornwall which had used milk floats for some years to transport visitors up and down the steep hill to the harbour. We were intrigued and set off to visit the town.
The set up in Polperro was very simple and involved a 5 minute journey but it sparked a huge light in our minds. We discovered that a local Buxton man, Keith Wood, bought and reconditioned milk floats for Dairy Crest and so we approached him and asked whether he could realise our dream.
Keith was up for a challenge and rejoiced in creating our vision. We won’t pretend that it was an easy creation, there were tears but in the end the tram was ready.
We launched in March but we then experienced the worst snow for some years and it was not until Good Friday that we were able to start the tours. From the very beginning it felt as if we were blessed with good fortune and very soon the tram was making people smile and our customers seriously happy.
The tram has brought a great deal of joy into people’s lives and we hope that we will make you smile in 2014