Christmas Greetings and Podcast Merriment

Christmas Greetings and Podcast Merriment

Christmas Greetings and Podcast Merriment

Written by Netta Christie on December 15, 2015

The Discover Buxton December Podcast is out and you can listen here……..

This month is full of Christmas cheer and memories of the ICI Christmas parties. It appears to have changed one Buxton resident’s views on Santa but you’ll have to listen to find out exactly what we mean.

Although we tend to collect people’s memories of the past we do like to show Buxton‘s present and remind listeners of what a currently vibrant town we are.

This week in the local paper, The Buxton Advertiser, I noticed that the local council were contemplating buying quad bikes to help with snow clearance. It was interesting to hear therefore what the council deployed in the 1930’s brought vividly alive through memories of one of our contributors.

We also have many snowy Buxton memories from years past so enjoy the last podcast of 2015 and may we wish you all a very happy Christmas.

Netta Christie
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Written by Netta Christie

Netta is the tram's conductor (and founder of Discover Buxton). She's passionate about Buxton; its fascinating past and the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of its independent businesses and local artists. She is the person who you will talk to if you want to book a tour or have any other requests.

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